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    What is ECCEsoft?

    ECCEsoft is a complete management system specifically designed for the administration and operation of any type of Early Year service provider setting. The system consists of 3 integrated applications as follows;
    – Early Years Management System
    – Room Mobile Application
    – Parents Portal Application

    The system is built on industry leading technology that is robust, scalable and secure. The functionality is designed to meet the needs Early Years Service providers who wish to attain the highest standards of quality, compliance and sustainability in their setting.

    Is ECCEsoft another Childcare App?

    No, ECCEsoft is a complete management software platform that provides a robust database system to securely store all the records and data associated with the running of an Early Years service. It makes it possible for appropriate elements of the data to be easily accessed by authorised users such as owner/directors, managers, care staff, parents (own child data only) and regulation authorities.

    How can this system help with my record keeping?

    ECCEsoft can easily ensure you maintain all your child and staff records to be fully compliant to the latest regulations and standards. Also you can scan and store with each child record all originally signed documents such as Child Registration Form as well as maintain actual attendance records.

    Is there a way that I can easily record my bookings?

    The ECCEsoft ‘Bookings Form’ could not be easier to update, it handles both regular booking patterns and short term ( for one week only) bookings, as well as funding subventions. The ‘Booking Form’ can be used to maintain current and future bookings across different rooms, calendars, date ranges, while also collating meals requirements.

    How do I view my bookings for each room?

    In ECCEsoft you can generate weekly ‘Room Registers’ for each room (or school for Afterschool services). This displays the daily am/pm booking pattern for each child assigned to a room for the selected week. Also it provides information on the capacity, occupancy levels of the room, FTE (Full Time Equivalent) usage, staff numbers needed to maintain correct ratios and meal numbers.

    What if I run a drop in service with irregular bookings?

    ECCEsoft’s ‘Booking Form’ will handle input of ‘Short Term’ bookings for specific days of a week based on actual attendance. Bookings can be defined for any duration and you can record multiple bookings in different rooms for any child within a single day if required e.g. Breakfast club and afterschool.

    Can I use ECCEsoft to manage my billing?

    Yes ECCEsoft provides a complete range of functionality to process billing, collect payment and manage family accounts. Billing is fully automated through the use of our ‘Fee Calculation’ function which generates in a single batch run the billing per family for a selected billing scheme and period. When a ‘Fee Calculation’ batch run has been reviewed it can be closed with one click to generate multiple families invoices.

    Can I use my bookings to automatically calculate fee amounts?

    Yes. When you setup your booking and funding types you define the associated fee and funding rates based on the billing scheme(s) in use for your setting. Therefore the bookings you have already input can be used to automatically calculate the correct fees each week or month for the children of each family. Any funding subventions and or discounts associated with a child are also included in the calculation.

    What if I need to amend automatically calculated fees?

    This is easy, in an open ‘Fee Calculation’ select the required family/child from the batch run list and open the child ‘Booking Form’ link to amend bookings, funding and input any additional charges or adjustments e.g. late collection fees, extra hour, meals etc. Then just select to recalculate your ‘Fee Calculation’ batch run to include any new ‘Booking Form’ billing adjustments. This may be repeated as often as required and when satisfied that your fee billing is correct simply use one click to close the ‘Fee Calculation’ batch run and automatically generate your family invoices.

    Can I email invoices to parents?

    When you have generated invoices you can select to email or print invoices. Invoices have been designed to include the logo for your setting, details of fee bookings, any associated funding and your banking details to facilitate prompt payment.

    Can I issue receipts for parent payments?

    Yes all payment types can be accepted by ECCEsoft and payment receipts may be emailed or printed for parents. Receipt amounts can be manually or automatically allocated, with facility to deallocate and reallocate if necessary. Payment by ‘Standing Order’ or Direct Debit ‘ can be fast tracked against accounts with facilities for lodgement lists and bank reconciliation.

    Can I view the status of a family account?

    The ECCEsoft account view gives a full listing of all family transactions (e.g. invoices, receipts). Family statements may be emailed or printed and Aged debts listings help to manage credit control. Within Family Accounts there is the facility to generate credit notes, journals and miscellaneous invoices.

    What is the ECCEsoft Mobile Room Application?

    This is the ECCEsoft mobile app for use by room based staff to view children details, communicate with parents and record attendance, incidents, medication, monitoring, learning, as well getting instant access to staff resources. Use any internet enabled mobile device.

    Is there a Parent App?

    Yes, ECCEsoft provides a dedicated Parent Portal App that allows a family access to their child(ren) care and learning records, share information and their financial account.

    Do I need to install any software?

    ECCEsoft is a 100% web based software application. There are no complicated setup or compatibility issues. Simply register and get instant access from any PC, laptop or Mac where you have an internet connection.

    What policies and procedures should I have in place?

    As a Childcare Service it is recommended that you develop certain policies and procedures for example:

    • Confidentiality
    • Health and Safety Policies including a Safety Statement
    • Child Protection
    • Fire Safety Policy
    • Positive Discipline Policy
    • Partnership with Parents
    • Equal Opportunities

    What records should I keep?

    It is necessary that you keep particular records regarding the children in your care for example:

    • Attendance Record
    • Childs Information Record (including illness’s etc)
    • Daily Routine
    • Menu Plans
    • Medicine Administration Form
    • Accidents and incidents Records
    • Income for the purpose of the Childminders Tax Exemption

    Support and Information is available from www.canavanbyrnechildcare.ie on developing policies and procedures and compliance.