• The ECCEsoft team and partners have over 15 years experience providing software systems, training, mentoring, compliance auditing, and human relations consultancy to early childhood care and education service providers.
  • Who we are?

    We are a very experienced team dedicated to developing, deploying and supporting management software systems for Early Years’ service providers.  Our focus is delivering easy to use software systems that significantly reduces the administration burden of managing any type of Early Years’ service setting. We have also partnered with leading early childhood sector professionals to help settings attain the highest standards of compliance, sustainability and quality.


  • Vision

    Champions for Early Years’ service providers making effective use of software tools to enhance delivery of high quality care and education for the children and families they serve.

    Team Experience

    The ECCEsoft team have previously designed developed and supported software systems for distribution of several Irish government / EU funded early childhood investment programs, to Early Years’ Providers from 1999 to 2014 which distributed approx. 600m euro.

  • Mission

    To develop and promote technically advanced software that meets the exact needs of any type of early years’ service provider in each country we operate at the lowest total cost of ownership.


    We value and support any type or size of Early Years’ service provider who is committed to delivering the highest standard of care and education service. We will work closely with the management and Early Years’ professionals of such settings as their trusted partner.

  • We have been working with ECCEsoft now for over a year and it is is essential for the running of our setting. …

    — Lelia Murphy - Manager Crumlin Childcare Centre
  • Timeline

    History of ECCESoft
  • Cool Timeline

    Apr 02

    Decision to Build

    Decision to build an Early Years Management system using the latest advances in web technology to meet the challenges of operating an Early Years service provider setting.

    Sep 01


    Research on availability of software systems for the management and administration of childcare service provider settings.

    Oct 06

    Cirrutech Setup

    Setting up Cirrutech Software Ltd as a local and abroad face of ECCESoft.

    Nov 04

    Web based ECCEsoft

    Selection of the name “ECCEsoft” and setup of a web based product platform.

    Jan 07

    First Release

    First version release of the “Registration” module and promotion to the sector with great success.

    May 04

    Tusla Inspections

    Provided software application to maintain and analyse the Tusla inspection reports of registered childcare providers for a number of County Childcare Committees. This facilitated analysis of the regulations most commonly found non compliant to evidence priority for training investment.

    Jul 04

    Mobile Application

    Development and release of the room mobile application.

    Dec 01

    New functions

    Design development and release of ‘Bookings/Funding/Room Management’ and Fee Calculation/Financial Management’ modules.

    Feb 06


    Strategic partnerships setup with CanavanByrne Childcare and Early Years Org.

    Mar 06


    Development and release of jobs board dedicated to the Early Years sector

    Apr 01

    Parent Communication

    Development and release of ‘Parent Communication’ module

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