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  • Benefit from our early years management system

    for Managers, Room Staff and Parents
    • Record Attendance

      Replace your manual ‘Roll Books’ and still meet compliance requirements. Easily review child attendance logs versus bookings to highlight any discrepancies.
      Provide weekly snapshot of actual time for each child to compare with funding allocation or use in billing.

    • Manage Finances

      Automate your fees calculation and collection. Single click generation of invoices and receipts with facility to email. Improve billing accuracy, with complete family account management and accounting for all funding subvention programs.

    • Communicate

      Enhance your communication between staff and parents with our messaging functionality. Group message by branch, room or other criteria to send notices, newsletters, or individual updates including photos and documents. Keep a history log of all parent communications.

  • Access your setting data from anywhere and on any device to

    manage a new enquiry, communicate with parents, review child details, view bookings and attendance, lookup accounts, check on the availability of spaces from your office, the room or securely on the go

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  • Manage with confidence to optimise your bookings and setting quality

    A single platform to manage all aspects of a single or multi branch setting.
    • Track Bookings

      One place to record regular, short term bookings, funding subventions and other charges as they arise. The same data is used to generate ‘Room Registers’, provide meal counts, calculate fees, and manage the occupancy levels of each room in your setting.

    • Setting Management

      Check on the compliance, sustainability and quality of your setting, now and into the future by using the operational data recorded. Generate financial projections and analyse bookings and funding programs.

    • Plan Ahead

      Manage current and future bookings to maximise the occupancy levels of your rooms. Plan ahead by handling new enquiries and waiting list children including booking deposits to ensure the future sustainability of your setting.

    • “The most successful childcare settings operate at the highest level of compliance, sustainability and quality. That is why ECCEsoft is the system of choice in many of those settings and key to maintaining their high standards.”

      Angela Canavan
      CanavanByrne Childcare
    • “ECCEsoft has transformed the operation of our setting, in particular with regard to bookings, funding and financial management. We can generate room registers and compare our bookings versus actual attendance which has increased the accuracy of our fee billing!”

      Laura Byrne
      Tir Na nOg Community Childcare
    • “The parent communication module is terrific for sending messages to parents by branch, room etc and keeping a log of the communication sent to each parent.”

      Patricia Murphy
      Tiny Tots
    • “Our experience using ECCEsoft has been very good.”

      Invoicing and attendance tracking, easy to analyse data. Eliminates human errors associated with calculation of the fees.

      Accurate data management and saves administration time, easy to communicate with parents.

      Admin Manager
      Bessborough Centre
    • Safe, secure, user friendly and the ECCEsoft team are always there to help when needed.

      Operations Director
      Sherpa Kids
    • It is easy to use. I like the layout. I like a lot of the features
      I really find the support I get is always easy to understand and prompt.

      Treetops Daycare
    • “Takes care of all of our creche – family interactions, from registrations to invoicing systems”
      All of the information is held on the one system. We can view all the rooms and see where the children are, looks at a complete financial system to support and plan room moves going forward

      Crumlin Childcare Centre
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